She was sitting and only thing she could hear was a steady beeping sound…

Sarah drifted away with her memories. She remembered the day they’d met, like it was yesterday. She’d been sitting in the park, reading one of her favourite books, and then suddenly she’d been hit by something soft and furry. Sarah remembered the way she’d been completely stunned by the whole thing, and then someone had come running to her. That’s when she got angry, had lifted herself of the ground and looked into the eyes of the rude, annoying man who was apologizing for letting his dog of the leash… And then she saw his eyes, and she lost all train of thought. She remembered thinking she’d never seen that shade of green anywhere else. It took her a while to regroup her thoughts, and when she was finally able to answer his question she mumbled out the words. He had looked a bit worried, but had insisted that he could walk her home, just to make sure she was alright. On the way they’d talked and Sarah had learned that his name was Jack.

Few weeks later they were dating and everything was perfect in Sarah’s life. She was happy, for the first time in her life there was nothing that could bother her. One day after nearly two years of the day they’d met they had a huge fight about Sarah getting a contract to design a building to a firm 250 kilometres away, and she had to move there for the time that it took to build it. Jack couldn’t move with her because he had to take care of his own firm. Sarah had to take the job, it was the only contract she’d had in months.

It was one day after work that she got the call. Jack had been in a car accident.

Abruptly something broke her reminiscing.

“I never stopped loving you” Jack said weakly, having just woken up.
“Neither did I you” Sarah said.

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