Boat was floating in the water. I leaned to the railing and stared desperately into the green water surging below me.
Even thinking about diving to the wild ocean made my stomach turn upside down. Eve placed her hand on my shoulder and asked if I was okay.
– You know you can always cancel it, don’t you?
I glanced at her, incredulously.
– And stay in this ship while you dive? Don’t even dream about it!

I got my wetsuit and oxygen tank on and moved at the boats brink. Our teacher checked our gear and revised rules.
– Remember, the main thing is to keep calm. If you start panicking wave me to you, don’t start rushing around.
I heard people mumble nervously nearby. Felt soothing to know I wasn’t the only one concerned.

I dropped backwards and in an instant I was under warm seawater. My instincts told me to hold my breath, but finally I dared to breathe from the tube. I was releaved to see how easy it was! I looked down and swallowed amazed. Seafloor was far beneath us and sights fantastic: beautiful corals and huge packs of fish in every color you can imagine. The farther down we went the less I feared.

I saw colossal sea turtle and turned to show it to Eve, but suddenly she was nowhere to be seen. Actually I couldn’t catch a glimpse on any of the other divers. I forced myself to calm down and started thinking what to do while swimming forward.
Finally I reached a big cliff and realised that I hadn’t passed it sooner and was desperately lost.
I started panicking and noticed that the air I breathed was getting thinner and harder to inhale. I was running out of oxygen.
I scanned environment but saw no sign of help

My sight started to fade and I had to use all of my will to draw the last remaining air from the bottle. Suddenly I though I had seen someone move, someone who looked human. I was sure I started getting hallucinative.
I felt something touch my back and turned around. Water flooded to my goggles and I couldn’t see a thing.
I felt someone supporting me through the water. I opened my eyes and slowly regained my sight. I saw beautiful boy with deep green coloured eyes and brown hair.

He drew me to a cave that turned out to be huge valley like place. It was breathtaking and in the middle I saw river running trough. There I could see people gathering to welcome us.
I looked in to his eyes and finally felt like I came home.