“Oh my god! Who is that boy over there?” Sheryl asks pointing one boy sitting in the corner. “I don’t know. He must be new here” , her best friend Emily says. Girls enter into a large hall where they’re used to keep their conversation club once a week. It may sound boring but it’s not. The club is open for everybody so you can join whenever you like. Girls were surprised how active the new boy was. They were used to boys that just sit in the corner without saying anything. There was just something different in this boy but they couldn’t put their finger on it. Later Sheryl and Emily found out more about this mysterious boy. He was the same aged, his name was Dylan, he lives alone and all that kind of stuff.

A few weeks went by and Sheryl fell more and more for Dylan. They’ve talked few times but this time Sheryl wanted to ask him out. You should have seen his face. He had egg all over his face when Sheryl asked. Finally Dylan said yes and they decided to meet at his apartment.

Date day came and Sheryl went to Dylan’s. Emily sent a message in the early morning that she had smelled a rat about this boy. “Nonsense”, answered Sheryl. When she finally got to Dylan’s place, which was quite far away from the city centre, he was waiting her at the door. “Do you like forests?” he asked. “Well… Yes…” Sheryl said. “Would you like to one forest nearby. I can show one cool place.” Dylan suggested. On the way to woods Dylan asked “Do you believe in ghosts stories?” “Not so much. Why?” Sheryl answered. “I assume that you’ve heard the story about the flying Dutchman?! Do you think that can be true?” he asked. “No, I don’t. Why? Should I?” Sheryl asked. He answered:  “Well… Kind of yes… If you want to understand me. I’m the flying Dutchman of love and singleness”.