Mrs Stonebrings have a little boy, and his name was James. James was a plain boy, but he wasn’t a bad boy. Mrs Stonebrings loves and proud of him.

One day Mrs Stonebrings was sick and his husband must go to work . James hadn’t gone to school because his age wasn’t enough to enter. So His father asked James to looked after his mother during the father worked.

“Yes Dad,” said James.

“I know you’ll doing good things at your mother.” James Father laugh and gone.

James became very good boy at that morning. He made a glass of warm tea to his mother, brought her medicine, and hadn’t made a noise when his mother got slept.

But when it’s ten o’clock, his friend, Tommy, knocked at the door and shout loudly.

“James, let’s playing ball now!”

Suddenly James woke up from his chair and run at his slept mother.

“Mom, mom!” said James. His Mother of course opened her eyes.

“What’s problem James?” asked Mrs Stonebrings.

“I want to get out and playing ball with Tommy. Don’t die until I get back, Mom. Just an hour,” said James.