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Kevin Spacey, starring as Lester Burnham, is a middle-aged magazine writer in midst of a mid-life crisis, charmed by his teenage daughter’s best friend. What could go wrong?

American Beauty is an exquisite exploration of insecurities, duplicity and superficiality. The script, by Alan Ball, is bold, vivacious, witty and tragic, and is flawlessly executed by Sam Mendes, the director of the film, and an exceptional cast at the peak of their form. The movie, while containing many scenes of comedy relief, delivers a fair amount of drama as well, with the world crashing down around Lester and his acquaintances.

The film is shown stripping away several layers of the American society. The film handles the main theme; the hypocrisy of a society beset by an outer appearance of success, yet eaten away by frustration on the inside; rather well. Puritanism, patriotism, empowerment, and corporate America won’t be spared.

The underlying themes of the show can be seen already at the beginning of the first scenes, where Lester Burnham is seen on the shower masturbating, telling the audience how this is actually the culmination of his daily activities, the pinnacle of his routines. His sexual frustration is immediately put a finger at. Lester, although married and a father, suffers of his wifes abstinence, when all she does is decorate the house. This leads Lester to fantasize about his daughter’s classmate.

Next, it is time for patriotism to get its share. The Burnhams’ neighbor, a retired army official, seemingly having turned his wife into a drudge, isn’t scared to raise his son to walk the correct path, even if it required a few punches. This discipline, however, is the factor that had made the boy stray from the path and become a drug dealer.

Even with all this drama, the comedy finds its place. As you may notice from the video linked, it’s not as dark as it sounds: the comedy seeps into the story time by time in the most creative of ways. This is one of the reasons I chose to analyse this movie: I think it’s a great story, with black humour, irony and interesting characters. Truly a classic worth 5 oscars, and one of the greatest comedy movies made.


  • My own experience

Predator is a science fiction/action movie. When I watched this scene I got a little scared and excited about what is going to happen to the soldier. I was hoping  he would survive. The black soldier was frightened in this scene, you can see it on his facial expression and the sweat on his face. He was staring with his eyes at the predator. When the soldier noticed the predator’s shiny yellow eyes the soldier’s eyes were filled with fear. Then the predator aims at the soldier with its laser and hits the soldier. The soldier’s scream is very loud and full of hopelessnes. The musical score in this scene was good for this scene, because the musical score hightened the atmosphere of the scene. I liked the way the movie scene was filmed because it was clear and it was easy to follow. Even though this is an old movie I think the special effects are very well done in this movie. I would give three stars to this movie scene.

The Come What May scene from the movie Moulin Rouge,which is an romantic musical film from 2001 directed by Baz Luhrmann and starring Ewan McGregor ,Nicole Kidman, Jim Broadbent, Richard Roxburgh, John Leguizamo, Jacek Koman, Caroline O’Connor.
This is my all time favourtie scene from the movie. This is so beautiful. I have such a hard time watching this movie. I really do. Nic and Ewan are both so great in it and it’s so heartbreaking and sad. I sorta have to brace myself to watch it cause at the end I’m drowning in tears. But I absolutely love the movie. A masterpiece!
I think Ewan Mc Gregor should have become an professional opera singer,his voice is so powerful that sores threw me. Nicole Kidman has done a good jop too.
All in all, i think the most important thing we will ever learn in this life is to love and be loved in return.

I chose this scene from movie called Rango which has came out in March 2011. The hero of the kids animation movie is a misfit, self-doupting little lizzard  Rango who comes to a little prairie town which suffers from the water shortage. Like in almost every other kids movies, there is also the bad guy. Villain in the guise of mayor dominates the town with his rights to towns saved water. He sells all water to the industrial town and the small town is dying and even worse, nobody knows about his plans before Rango shows up. Transition from lizzard with no self-condition to the whole towns hero is the core of the movie.

In the scene Rango and his companions are going to hunt disappeared water. The movie is a  funny animation with very important message in it. The core of the message is: “Who controls water, controls everything”, like Rango says. The scene and the whole movie affected me because the message was hidden with so funny way and the scene is an example about how Rango finds himself and his leader skills in the intimidating situation and realizes who he really is. The movie prophecies becoming unavoidable situation in the world: water shortage. The scene reminds about how in the future poor people really must hunt that disappeared water from a desert.

The voice of Rango is performanced by Johnny Depp who have stunning  imitation skills. They come out dashing way and make the most of the movie because Depp’s voice fits Rangos personality like a glove.

The feeling of the scene is hopefully and single-minded, they don’t know what becomes to happen next… The soundtrack fits the situation very well because it makes the scene more powerfull and atmosphere more excited. The scene reminds me  about an old wild-west movies and this remake is captivating and dulcet. The scene is an animation so it looks  fabolous because of the colours which can not be possible in the real world.

Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy [2009] is a  fan movie of Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear Solid video game series, which are stealth action games, with lots of drama. Philanthropy is a non-profit film made by Hive Division, made up of Italian students and young filmmakers. In 2002 Giacomo Talamini and Alessandro Schiassi, the directors of the film were playing MGS2:Sons of Liberty, and it drove them to create a amateur movie about MGS.

The movie takes part between MGS and MGS2: Sons of Liberty. Solid Snake has joined organization called Philanthropy, which purpose is to stop Metal Gears. Metal Gears  are walking robots capable of firing nuclear missiles, from anywhere to anywhere. Snake is sent to Daskasan region, to stop the Metal Gears once and for all.

(Skip to 6.25  for the chosen scene)

The scene I chose is actually the first real action scene of the movie. For me it was first  just a normal fight scene, exciting shooting, but after the shooting part it turned into something dramatic. You actually see some really horribly sides of  war. The music is also pretty dramatic, and the actors did their job damn well. Eg. Snake (Giacomo Talamini) is one serious character, but in the scene you can see that even he feels something, and the other guy Pierre (Nicola Cecconi) you can see from his face that he got very emotionally shocked… Shooting and explosions are the basic effects, but that serious cheek wound was something else. Anyways the scene really taught me why war is not a good thing..


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(Closing Words:
I would love to tell you more about MGS, and the movie but I’m afraid I can’t.. But I really recommend that you should watch this movie, even if you don’t know anything about MGS because it’s A FREAKING MASTERPIECE for me at least =)
You can watch the movie from Youtube or here

The Sixth Sense (1999) is a drama, mystery and thriller film, directed by M. Night Shyamalan. It is a mysterious story of a boy who can see the spirits of dead people.

*** Spoiler alert *** 😉

The film tells the story of Dr. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis), a child psychologist, who tries to help an eight-year-old boy, named Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment) with his hallucinations. Cole tells Malcolm that the hallucinations are in fact spirits of dead people, who don’t know they are dead and thus have not yet moved on. Malcolm becomes dedicated to helping Cole with his “gift”.

The scene that I chose is the last of the movie. It encapsulates the essence of the movie and reveals the twist ending at the same time. I remember when I watched the movie and saw the last scene, it was like a click in my head, as all the pieces fell into place. The whole movie was built in a way that if you might have understood the idea of it before, but if you didn’t it was alright as everything was explained at the end.

I think the actors’ performances are superb. Even the young star of the film (Osment) played his part like a true professional. The music in the last scene is very epic, it brings out the mood of the scene very well.

I recomend the movie for all mystery lovers!

Sources (read 25.4.2011):

Joe Berlinger directed a horror-thriller-movie, “Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows” in 2000. The movie was a sequel for an indie-movie, “Blair Witch Project” which was a blockbuster. The first movie was like a real tape taped by three students in the Blair’s forest near a little town called Burkitsville. They tried to find out the truth about the legend of Blair witch and in the end of the movie they were probably killed by the witch herself. The second movie tells a story from Burkitsville after “the tapes have been found”. Five guys spend a night in the Blair’s forest with all the hi-tech cameras and stuff. They get to one of their’s homes in Burkitsville alive, but strange things start to happen in there. In the end of the movie (the following clip) the main characters get arrested because they are suspected from several murders. They don’t remember that they would have murdered anyone, but when the police officers show them the tapes that the main characters have taped all the time, all reveals. In my opinion the ending is really cool because earlier the watchers also have seen the events just like the main characters think they were. Only the tapes showed in the end tell the truth, which I think is that the Blair witch takes control of them and forces them to do really sick things and then they don’t remember that themselves. When showing the tapes, the main characters are terrified and amazed, of course, because they don’t remember anything like that.

When I first saw the first part of the movie long ago I thought it was awesome. Now couple of months ago when I saw the second part I thought that it’s even better than the first part, even though it has been filmed in a very different way. They have made a really wicked atmosphere into the film and I like it.


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