Act 5 Get Inspired by Love and Horror

Mrs Stonebrings have a little boy, and his name was James. James was a plain boy, but he wasn’t a bad boy. Mrs Stonebrings loves and proud of him.

One day Mrs Stonebrings was sick and his husband must go to work . James hadn’t gone to school because his age wasn’t enough to enter. So His father asked James to looked after his mother during the father worked.

“Yes Dad,” said James.

“I know you’ll doing good things at your mother.” James Father laugh and gone.

James became very good boy at that morning. He made a glass of warm tea to his mother, brought her medicine, and hadn’t made a noise when his mother got slept.

But when it’s ten o’clock, his friend, Tommy, knocked at the door and shout loudly.

“James, let’s playing ball now!”

Suddenly James woke up from his chair and run at his slept mother.

“Mom, mom!” said James. His Mother of course opened her eyes.

“What’s problem James?” asked Mrs Stonebrings.

“I want to get out and playing ball with Tommy. Don’t die until I get back, Mom. Just an hour,” said James.,r:6,s:145&biw=1271&bih=664


Tree, tree, car, car, motorcycle… Yup, I was in a train travelling to see me relatives. I looked out of the trough a smudged window and all I could see was a forest and a road. Sometimes I could see some cars driving to the opposite direction, but I had yet to see any vehicles going to the same direction as I. There I was, bored. Ge’ez, the books I had reserved to be read later were now just dead weight because the temptation to read them had been too high and I got trough them yesterday. Then when I least expected it, something happened. Something is an ordinary thing and happens all the time. But because of the situation, it really was something that I would write to my diary about. A car had turned to the road following the tracks and it was going to the same direction as the train. Even if it wasn’t much, it got my full attention. As I observed the car more precisely I couldn’t see the driver! I closed my eyes and looked again, but the view stayed the same. No driver. “Well this is weird” I tought. I did some tests to see if I was dreaming, but I wasn’t. Train and the car were stuck together like two pages of wet paper and nothing could be done to it.

Just after getting comfortable with the idea of a driverless car following your train, something even more unexpected happened. It happened like in slow motion when the car started to drift towards the train I was travelling in. I quite quick saw that this couldn’t end well and started running to the coach behind me. Just when I grabbed the handle of the door leading to it, there was a sound that could not be mistaken for anything else. The car had collided with the train. Train was still in the tracks, but the car had bounced back to the road and it looked like someone would have crushed it with a baler. When my train had stopped, conductor announced trough the radio that there were some technical difficulties. Yeah, right. Engineers came and dismounted the coach I had travelled in from the train and moved it to a sidetrack to wait for repairs. I didn’t say anyone about the absence of the cars driver, because surely no one could believe me. It was my little secret. In the end, my journey kept going, with a little delay tough. When I earlier was bored and hoped to see some action, I didn’t expect this much. After that I was just happy if anything didn’t happen during the travel. From there on my dreams were the only place I wanted to see some action.

I grab a bottle and take a long gulp. It’s almost empty now; the only thing that shuts my brains down, if only to a limited extent. When you pace around an empty apartment alone, you start to think about things you really just want to block out. For a second, it’s way too quiet, but in the long run, alcohol can’t wash over matters of the heart. I’ll ask again: Why did you leave me?

I look at the time. The plane should have left by now and your new life is waiting for you at the destination. You always talked about leaving this place, only that time, you meant us together. This time around, you chose you and I’m still here, pacing around our empty apartment. The bottle is filled with air now and it’s not even afternoon yet.

The walls are staring at me, cold and plain. I stop my feet and focus on my breathing. “Not guilty?” The walls ask me. My breaths are heavy as I smash the bottle into one of them. The clock strikes twelve and as it becomes disturbingly quiet again, I know I have to face you.

I open the closet and there you are, hanging lifeless like a piece of clothing, dripping like an eave gutter after rain. “Like I would ever let you leave.” The afternoon sun gives your blood a magnificent shade. You look like an angel, or a saint to me and I can’t remember you ever indicating more beauty than right this moment. Your cold lips meet my warm ones. “I love you.”

The sun and the moon were competing for our attention in turns and as days passed, I held you close to me. You are nothing but skin and bones now, and I am just a heart. This is the way it was supposed to be. My eyes feel heavy and as I close them, a distant tune starts to play. I think that the girl from the upper apartment has started to play the piano again.

Your eyes open the same time as mine do. It’s all quiet, but it feels all right and I can’t tell you how much I’ve missed that smile. The light is shining upon you and it’s not even afternoon yet. No blood, no dripping, just light. We’re more than skin, bones and a heart now, as you take my hand and we go through a tunnel that leads us high into the infinity. You walk me out into our new life. And what a shining light.

“Oh my god! Who is that boy over there?” Sheryl asks pointing one boy sitting in the corner. “I don’t know. He must be new here” , her best friend Emily says. Girls enter into a large hall where they’re used to keep their conversation club once a week. It may sound boring but it’s not. The club is open for everybody so you can join whenever you like. Girls were surprised how active the new boy was. They were used to boys that just sit in the corner without saying anything. There was just something different in this boy but they couldn’t put their finger on it. Later Sheryl and Emily found out more about this mysterious boy. He was the same aged, his name was Dylan, he lives alone and all that kind of stuff.

A few weeks went by and Sheryl fell more and more for Dylan. They’ve talked few times but this time Sheryl wanted to ask him out. You should have seen his face. He had egg all over his face when Sheryl asked. Finally Dylan said yes and they decided to meet at his apartment.

Date day came and Sheryl went to Dylan’s. Emily sent a message in the early morning that she had smelled a rat about this boy. “Nonsense”, answered Sheryl. When she finally got to Dylan’s place, which was quite far away from the city centre, he was waiting her at the door. “Do you like forests?” he asked. “Well… Yes…” Sheryl said. “Would you like to one forest nearby. I can show one cool place.” Dylan suggested. On the way to woods Dylan asked “Do you believe in ghosts stories?” “Not so much. Why?” Sheryl answered. “I assume that you’ve heard the story about the flying Dutchman?! Do you think that can be true?” he asked. “No, I don’t. Why? Should I?” Sheryl asked. He answered:  “Well… Kind of yes… If you want to understand me. I’m the flying Dutchman of love and singleness”.

The clouds, breaking the unending blue of the sky above, brought back into mind things of my childhood. The summer holidays at the summer cottage, the endless fields full of strawberries, the greeniness of the forest…

But it was all just a dream, a lie generated by your resting mind.

The children’s morning cartoons penetrated the thin wall of my apartment. “I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was…” I wondered how many times I’d heard that now. Fifty? Five hundred? I’d already lost count months ago when I first moved there. Telling them to lower the volume might help. Maybe. But as if I’d have the guts to go and tell them.

In the end, I didn’t file a complaint. Before long, the clamor came to and end and the neighbor kid went to school just as any other normal child would. Yeah, normal. I used to be one of those kids too, the ones that don’t need to care about a thing. I wish I could grow backwards and experience my teenage years again, ignoring my elders and being the delinquent I was back then. But those are all just dreams. That is the past. It happened already and won’t happen again.

Sweet, the subsidies have arrived. Now I can probably live another month. “It’s not like I want to stay alive, though, but dying is such a hassle.”.. is a thought that’s passed by my mind many times these past months. I’m unemployed, living on government subsidies, eating cup noodles and hugging my pillow every day of every month of every year. I don’t do anything but sit on the computer and hug my pillow. Sometimes I hug my pillow while sitting on the computer, too. You could even say I love my pillow. It’s probably the only thing keeping me alive. Thanks, pillow.

“I could really use a smoke”, I thought, and searched for a pack of cigs. I eventually found one after searching for a couple of minutes, but to no surprise, it was empty. And so were all the others. The day I’d feared would come had finally arrived. I had to go outside. There was no other choice. I had to get my carsinogens. At first I thought I’d just call the kid who I’d arranged to get me my noodles and drinks, but it soon dawned upon me that he was, in fact, a kid. An adolescent. A juvenile. Theres no way someone with a babyface like that could buy a pack of cigs.

And so I hugged my pillow for the last time before heading out and gave it.. no, her, a kiss. Yes, I’d decided the pillow was a she.

I took my beanie although it was still summer, making sure nobody could see my face. I’d grown distant from just about anybody after I quit school. I didn’t really know anybody anymore and nobody remembered me. That’s for the best, I thought. I didn’t need anybody but my pillow. I opened the door and a blast of hot air rushed into my room. Looks like the air conditioner had been on full power for quite a while. It must have been at least 35 plus out there.

The heat was unbearable. Still, my addiction to nicotine got the best of me and I slowly got closer and closer to the store. My waddling steps probably made me look like an overweight monkey. The girls at the other side of the street were laughing and pointing at me. I pretended not to care. “I don’t care about them. I only care about my pillow”, I thought.

Upon reaching the store, I saw a youngster sitting by the front door. “Yo, man, could you buy me a pack?” he asked, and offered me a 5 euro note. I looked at the boy. Then the money. And the boy again. He looked like a reasonably normal person. Probably listens to heavy metal. Not very popular, but then again, not looked down on either. “Yeah, sure, why not”, I said with a somewhat whimpery voice. That was probably the first time I’d had contact with another person in months. I walked into the store and bought two packs of cigarettes. For not one moment did I think of giving the other one to the boy at the door, though. I left him to rot in there and took a detour to my apartment.

I’d still be grinning when I reached my front door, thinking about how badass that was of me. I’d totally shown the boy whose the boss. What a great prank. I’m so pathetic. I reach for my keys, which to my chagrin are not in my front pockets. Not in my back pockets either, or in any other pockets I have for that matter. I began to realize that I might, in fact, have forgotten them inside my apartment when I left. I was on the brink of jumping down from the top of the building when it struck me: the pillow would be all alone if I did that.

Encouraged by my will to see the pillow again, whom I had not seen for hours now, I climbed the walls of my apartment like spiderman to reach my window. It wasn’t actually open, but the apartment is so old you could basically open any of the windows with a wooden stick and a tad of patience. And so I got in. Finally, I could be reunited with my love, the pillow.

She was sitting and only thing she could hear was a steady beeping sound…

Sarah drifted away with her memories. She remembered the day they’d met, like it was yesterday. She’d been sitting in the park, reading one of her favourite books, and then suddenly she’d been hit by something soft and furry. Sarah remembered the way she’d been completely stunned by the whole thing, and then someone had come running to her. That’s when she got angry, had lifted herself of the ground and looked into the eyes of the rude, annoying man who was apologizing for letting his dog of the leash… And then she saw his eyes, and she lost all train of thought. She remembered thinking she’d never seen that shade of green anywhere else. It took her a while to regroup her thoughts, and when she was finally able to answer his question she mumbled out the words. He had looked a bit worried, but had insisted that he could walk her home, just to make sure she was alright. On the way they’d talked and Sarah had learned that his name was Jack.

Few weeks later they were dating and everything was perfect in Sarah’s life. She was happy, for the first time in her life there was nothing that could bother her. One day after nearly two years of the day they’d met they had a huge fight about Sarah getting a contract to design a building to a firm 250 kilometres away, and she had to move there for the time that it took to build it. Jack couldn’t move with her because he had to take care of his own firm. Sarah had to take the job, it was the only contract she’d had in months.

It was one day after work that she got the call. Jack had been in a car accident.

Abruptly something broke her reminiscing.

“I never stopped loving you” Jack said weakly, having just woken up.
“Neither did I you” Sarah said.

Sources (read 22.5.2011):

Boat was floating in the water. I leaned to the railing and stared desperately into the green water surging below me.
Even thinking about diving to the wild ocean made my stomach turn upside down. Eve placed her hand on my shoulder and asked if I was okay.
– You know you can always cancel it, don’t you?
I glanced at her, incredulously.
– And stay in this ship while you dive? Don’t even dream about it!

I got my wetsuit and oxygen tank on and moved at the boats brink. Our teacher checked our gear and revised rules.
– Remember, the main thing is to keep calm. If you start panicking wave me to you, don’t start rushing around.
I heard people mumble nervously nearby. Felt soothing to know I wasn’t the only one concerned.

I dropped backwards and in an instant I was under warm seawater. My instincts told me to hold my breath, but finally I dared to breathe from the tube. I was releaved to see how easy it was! I looked down and swallowed amazed. Seafloor was far beneath us and sights fantastic: beautiful corals and huge packs of fish in every color you can imagine. The farther down we went the less I feared.

I saw colossal sea turtle and turned to show it to Eve, but suddenly she was nowhere to be seen. Actually I couldn’t catch a glimpse on any of the other divers. I forced myself to calm down and started thinking what to do while swimming forward.
Finally I reached a big cliff and realised that I hadn’t passed it sooner and was desperately lost.
I started panicking and noticed that the air I breathed was getting thinner and harder to inhale. I was running out of oxygen.
I scanned environment but saw no sign of help

My sight started to fade and I had to use all of my will to draw the last remaining air from the bottle. Suddenly I though I had seen someone move, someone who looked human. I was sure I started getting hallucinative.
I felt something touch my back and turned around. Water flooded to my goggles and I couldn’t see a thing.
I felt someone supporting me through the water. I opened my eyes and slowly regained my sight. I saw beautiful boy with deep green coloured eyes and brown hair.

He drew me to a cave that turned out to be huge valley like place. It was breathtaking and in the middle I saw river running trough. There I could see people gathering to welcome us.
I looked in to his eyes and finally felt like I came home.

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