Act 5 Get Inspired by Love and Horror

It wasn't dark night in the middle of winter in old villa.
It was sunny normal morning in,
Bob was walking down the street to the bank.
Inside it was unusually quiet,
he didn't even see the homeless people in the front of the pank,
that was something what brought him dubious feelings.

He heard screaming.

He was lying on the floor.

Bob was conscious again, he felt some blood flowing on the back of his head.
His hands were tied.
The police car's alarms was on, he even could notice sound of the fire truck.
His eyes were peitetyt, so he couldn't see anything,
but he knew that he wasn't alone in the room.
He screamed for help, but it only got him a hit to stomach.
Some man told Bob to be quiet or hes going to be dead.
Bob obeyed, but only because he was so scared.

Minutes, maybe hours later he somehow got the duct tape away from his hands.
Bob took the scarf off his eyes and saw that he was alone in the bank's toilet.
Bob kicked few times on the door and finally got it open.
He was on the hall, there were quiet, he heard nobody's voice.

The robber ran straight to Bob's direction, Bob tried to stop him.
The robber pulled his gun out.


The first glance, I was in love

I always picked a place where I could see you

I loved the smell when you passed me

I adored the way you spoke

I couldn’t help myself

My friends kept asking me what I was doing in my free time.  I answered, but I didn’t say the truth. What would’ve they said if I had told the truth. I wouldn’t be a part of the group anymore.  I had been breaking the rule-number-one almost a year already. I am an idiot, a complete idiot, a jerk, stupid! Only venturesome people break that rule. If I had known this situation earlier, I would have never taken part in this community. This school is killing me. If they knew, they would hit me, kick me, smack me. What have I done?

I was studying in a catholic school, a school only for girls. Mom decided to put me there. “It’s my rude and insolent behaviour”, says mom. I had always resisted it, but no can do when it comes to my Mom. Nowadays I feel like she is overruling my life. Telling me when to go to sleep, when to eat, even when to brush my teeth. Since my parents divorced mom has been like that. She is driving me crazy. I wanted to be a normal girl, to study in a normal school. I hated the school uniform, I hated the rules. I hated the people, I hated the teachers! All I wanted was freedom, which in this school was impossible to have. In this school one must live with the conditions of the community.

I remember when one of our class mates, who used to belong to our group, decided to differ from the group by wearing pink lipstick and matching nails. That day became a nightmare for that girl. She was abused. She was covered with scars and bruises after that night. Teachers were worried but she didn’t have the guts to tell the truth. She was afraid being attacked again. Just because of a stupid pink lipstick! I tried to turn the other girl’s heads but they didn’t listen to me. “It’s the rules”. It’s about the rules always..

And what do they say in the newspapers? “The new catholic school has been a success. Students say that the community spirit reach the stars”. Bull sh*t! The community spirit had been deep in the sea. No one can reach it, no one can save it anymore. The unpleasant feeling had ingrained in this building. Every single new student is thinking how to escape.

And me, once again, stupid, idiot, jerk me. I had driven myself to a dangerous and irrevocable situation. I had fallen in love. I had fallen deeply in love with a boy who I met in the concert. I had been dating him almost a year. And of course the rule number was: Do Not Date. Dating was only for the leader of our group. She was the one who picked the best potatoes first, the one who picked the seat in the class first. But me, dumb me. . . He was the one for me. The one with chocolate-brown eyes, with adorable dimples and fluffy dark brown hair. He was everything I wanted. Kind, loveable, nice, a real gentleman! I had endangered a boy, who I happen to love. I had endangered him, me, selfish little bastard me.

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It’s a sunny day, and the time is little past two o’clock at day. I’m in park, and I suddenly feel a bit of tired, my eyes automatically close up. I wake up a moment or few later, and then I’m completely surprised, for some reason the sky is red, and there are dead corpses lying on the park. I feel terrified, and suddenly I hear someone singing behind me. I turn my head, and see a pumpkin headed monster, and the pumpkin head smells sickening. It laughs like some bad guy in a cartoon. Suddenly I have a nasty feeling in my arm, there’s some bug moving inside my arm. Suddenly something stings my heart, maybe it’s the bug. I start to feel abominable, and my veins appear through my skin, my pupils feel rotten and I yell like I’m going to DIE!!!

It hurts, I can’t see anything, I..I feel zombified..

I yell, and suddenly…WAKE UP in my bed.. I  take a deep breath and calm down.I feel very suspicious, so I pull my curtain off and…..

My town is on fire, my family, friends, everyone dead.. I hear a familiar voice, the rotten pumpkin, it’s the guy from my dream! I can hear his laugh. I need to escape from my mansion, before he kills me too. I exit my room. I’m now in a corridor, and there’s a nailed up window,who did that? I start walking carefully, and feel something wet on the floor. It’s blood! I hear a loud voice, resounding through the mansion! I better hurry, just when I’m about to open door, many rotten hands try to grab me through the window, are they zombies? I make it safe though, and I’m in my wax museum, and because of the situation I feel completely frightened of the waxwork. Just to be sure I explode the wax figures to pieces with some dynamite, all goes well until one the figures explodes itself. The explosion reveals a figure, that looks like tall man, but little..frozen type, and it smells like cat piss..gross. The situation feels very narrow, but luckily I manage to explode it, wit h all my dynamite.

I make it to the garage, and find my mechanic’s corpse inside the car, before I leave, I need a drink. I open my garage locker, which is full of drinks, and take some vodka. I drink it, and for some reason it tastes like  fermented herring dipped in cat piss. The door splits into two pieces, it’s that pumpkin guy! He hits my car, and that’s my chance! I smash the pumpkin with my fists. From the body a insect walks away, maybe the zombie outbreak is real! I start the car and squish many zombies on the road, and travel to an far far paradise….


Not the junior, but the father!

I never thought it would be this hard. Even though her fangs just got deeper and deeper into my neck and it felt good, I was still afraid for some reason. Even though I knew I would be free. Finally I would be free of everything I had been hated and especially I would be free to love her without limits. Forever. It had been our dream for ages. ‘Forever’ had been my dream since I can remember. And now when I’m about to have it I’m starting to hesitate.

I looked at her. She was so beautiful. Her eyes were full of confidence, just like mine a couple of seconds ago. I looked at the huge, middle-aged mirror which was hanging on the wall. I couldn’t see her at all, just myself sitting there alone screaming from the pain. But mirrors tend to lie. I wasn’t alone and I wasn’t in pain. Well, actually the biting  like hell but I could ignore it almost completely in my mind. Screaming was just a normal reaction of vulnerable human body. Soon it would be away; the screaming and the vulnerability.

I never thought it would be so hard. I never thought it would be so hard to let all just go. All my life. I never  thought I would ever miss my family or my job but I do already. “The slaves of society”, we used to say. But what is so bad in that? I had never hesitated before. If I had, I wouldn’t have agreed with our plan. I had always been sure this was the only right choice, it was her who needed time to think. I would have done it anytime. But now when it’s finally happening, I’m getting scared. What if I get bored? What if we stop loving each other? What if forever is too long?

“You shouldn’t worry that much”, I always used to say to her. Now I’m worrying myself. I have stopped screaming because now I really don’t feel anything at all. I heave a deep sigh. She takes her hand to my cheek and caresses it. She looks me into my eyes. I can see that she knows I’m worrying. First she smiles a little, then lets go with a bright laugh. The laugh I’ve heard thousands of times. It always makes me happy to see her laugh. I feel some kind of energy flowing through my body. It’s a very refreshing feeling. I feel myself strong and rested

Suddenly she stops her biting and pulls me on my feet. She doesn’t say anything, just gives me a warm hug and squeezes me tightly. My eyes fall on the mirror again. I see an empty, dark and cold room. But mirrors tend to lie. The room isn’t empty and there isn’t cold in there. The room is full of warmth and love. She stops hugging me and looks me straight into my eyes. I can sense that she’s happier than she has ever been. Her eyes are shining from the happiness. I kiss her in mouth and she kisses me back. It feels like I have born again and in some way I surely have.

“I have born to love you.” I say without even thinking about saying that. Then I realize that all our dreams have finally come true. All my dreams have finally come true. And all my worries are absolutely gone. There’s no need going back, neither there’s no need looking back. She’s all that I ever will need. And I’m all that she will ever need. She takes my hand, smiles and whispers:

“I have waited this for so long. Come on, I’ll show you all the fun!”

“I will. But let’s not rush, we have time forever.”

“Yeah! It was about time.” She laughs brightly.

It surely was about time. Forever. Finally we have it. Now my life can really start. I never thought it would be so wonderful.

There is this one guy, friend of mine, we always talked on the phone at the nights about everything! But we didn’t hang out so much. So I started to crush on him. I thought that it would temporary, cause obviously he was an idiot! He always called me names and noticed scarfs, pimples and scratches on my face and even circles under my eye!

 My feelings just got stronger for him every single bad word he said about me, He actually noticed me. Still it made me feel bad that he only marked those negative things about me, but other wise he must had noticed those good things also but just couldn’t say them to me cause we weren’t never alone. So this one lovely day I asked him out with me and he said that he will come, but didn’t. After that happened five times, I gave up.

After one year he called me, he asked me to come out with him cause he missed me. I was confused and thrilled, I said yes and so we met. There we were together sitting on his moped. That night changed mine and his life forever. It was unbelievable night, he didn’t call me names but he flattered me and said that he never wanted to hurt me his stupid words. After that lovely evening we have hanged out almost every day and we are dating now. Feels like there’s no end! With him every thing is meaningful, I can’t even imagine life without him. I know that this is True love!

I could still recall it like it was yesterday.
Your affable eyes.
Your wistful smile.
Us in the corner of the street.
You promising me forever.
I tried to convince you that I didn’t believe.
But I did.
You knew me too well.
I was running.
I was running away from insecurity, unpredictability, ignorance…
Insanity of emotions.
Crazy thoughts.
Pipe dreams.
Love at first sight.
I wasn’t ready to give up on those.
I was nothing without you.
I turned up under the rusty street lamp.
The place you said you’d meet me.
It was my choice.
You were my choice.
But where were you?
Seconds felt like hours, minutes like days, hours like years.
I was waiting.
I was waiting you like a fool.
I heard my heart pounding.
There was no turning back.
The adrenaline was rushing through my veins.
I was falling into a black hole of lost souls.
Maybe you had given up on me.
Maybe you weren’t coming.
Then something pull me out of the blackness.
Your sweet, soft voice.
You took my hand.
I opened my eyes.
You were smiling that familiar smile of yours.
The first time in my life I was sure.
I didn’t care about anything else.
You squeezed my hand tightly and we left the woeful world behind.

She had to travel back and see him again. Though Laura had lived 6 years abroad, she was engaged and had two children, she had never stopped thinking about her first love. Actually, they had never broken up but Laura had moved abroad reluctantly.

Kevin had tried to find her but after having heard about her family, he decided to move on. First he had to go the railway station where it all had started. There he sat working through his memories until he heard soft voice. That was her!

“I looked for you but you have a new life and…” Kevin started.

“The girl is yours”, Laura stroke in. “Amanda.”

A tear trickled down his cheek. “You remembered.”

“I’ll never forget.”

Laura had always been impulsive and at that moment she thought Kevin was the guy she wanted. But then her phone rang. While trying to find the phone, she saw a picture of her baby boy. That made her choose her family. In no time she had stood up and left. Otherwise she would have changed her mind.

Her phone rang again. It was an FBI agent. Her husband-to-be had died in a mission. She couldn’t think anything. Her feet just started to take her somewhere. Suddenly someone stopped her and enfolded her. Kevin had had a feeling that something was wrong.

Laura shed tears. “He had a drinking problem. But I couldn’t leave him.”


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