Intros and instructions

The canon of English literature is enormous. Here are some contemporary and classic American, British and Canadian short stories for you to choose from. Hopefully, you are an avid reader…

Let your imagination go wild!
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When reading

  1. First enjoy the ride and let the story take you on a journey.
  2. Underline words you are unfamiliar with as you read.
  3. Go through the text again and try to guess the meaning of the words from context.
  4. Look up any unfamiliar vocabulary from the dictionary.
  5. Write down any questions or ideas that may have come up when you were reading the story. Underline parts that have made you feel something, whether it be disgust or delight. This is about your experience as a reader, there is no right or wrong!

Short Stories and Authors

Write a literary analysis on one short story according to the following instructions:


Read what Art News bloggers think about Spencer Tunick, an American photographer who takes photos of large numbers of naked people in public places. Then have a look at these controversial photographs taken by the artist himself.  Comment shortly on behalf of or against these photographs. What do you think of this kind of art? Would you consider taking part in one of these shoots? Why/ why not?

Watch this review by Rotten Tomatoes for King’s Speech (2010).

Watch this scene from King’s Speech. What do you think? Please answer the poll.

Please read the following article The Very Rich Indie Writer by Eli James and check out Amanda Hocking’s blog. Then answer these polls:

The girl who silenced the world at the UN for 5 minutes. Severn Suzuki, a 13-year-old Canadian who formed ECHO (Environmental Children’s Organization), speaks on behalf of the environment.

This has been considered a very impressive speech. Which techniques does she use to make an impact on the audience?

Music video by Eminem performing My Name Is. (C) 1999 Interscope Geffen (A&M) Records A Division of UMG Recordings Inc.

Here are the explicit, uncensored lyrics of the song. Please leave a comment – do you think lyrics such as these need to be censored and why/why not?

Hi! My name is… (what?) My name is.. (who?)
My name is… [scratches] Slim Shady
Hi! My name is… (huh?) My name is.. (what?)
My name is… [scratches] Slim Shady

Ahem.. excuse me!
Can I have the attention of the class for one second?

Hi kids! Do you like violence? (Yeah yeah yeah!)
Wanna see me stick Nine Inch Nails through each one of my eyelids? (Uh-huh!)
Wanna copy me and do exactly like I did? (Yeah yeah!)
Try ‘cid and get fucked up worse that my life is? (Huh?)
My brain’s dead weight, I’m trying to get my head straight
But I can’t figure out which Spice Girl I want to impregnate (Ummmm..)
And Dr. Dre said, “Slim Shady you a basehead!”
Uh-uhhh! “So why’s your face red? Man you wasted!”
Well since age twelve, I’ve felt like I’m someone else
Cause I hung my original self from the top bunk with a belt
Got pissed off and ripped Pamela Lee’s tits off
And smacked her so hard I knocked her clothes backwards like Kris Kross
I smoke a fat pound of grass and fall on my ass
Faster than a fat bitch who sat down too fast
C’mere slut! (Shady, wait a minute, that’s my girl dog!)
I don’t give a fuck, God sent me to piss the world off!

My English teacher wanted to flunk me in Junior High
Thanks a lot, next semester I’ll be 35
I smacked him in his face with an eraser, chased him with a stapler
And stapled his nuts to a stack of papers (Owwwwwwww!)
Walked in the strip club, had my jacket zipped up
Flashed the bartender, then stuck my dick in the tip cup
Extraterrestrial, running over pedestrians
In a space ship while they screaming at me: “LET’S JUST BE FRIENDS!”
Ninety-nine percent of my life I was lied to
I just found out my mom does more dope than I do (Damn!)
I told her I’d grow up to be a famous rapper
Make a record about doing drugs and name it after her (Oh thank you!)
You know you blew up when the women rush your stands
And try to touch your hands like some screaming Usher fans (Aaahhhhhh!)
This guy at White Castle asked for my autograph
(Dude, can I get your autograph?)
So I signed it: ‘Dear Dave, thanks for the support, ASSHOLE!’

Stop the tape! This kid needs to be locked away! (Get him!)
Dr. Dre, don’t just stand there, OPERATE!
I’m not ready to leave, it’s too scary to die (Fuck that!)
I’ll have to be carried inside the cemetery and buried alive (Huh yup!)
Am I coming or going? I can barely decide
I just drank a fifth of vodka — dare me to drive? (Go ahead)
All my life I was very deprived
I ain’t had a woman in years, and my palms are too hairy to hide (Whoops!)
Clothes ripped like the Incredible Hulk (hachhh-too)
I spit when I talk, I’ll fuck anything that walks (C’mere)
When I was little I used to get so hungry I would throw fits
I lay awake and strap myself in the bed
Put a bulletproof vest on and shoot myself in the head (BANG!)
I’m steaming mad (Arrrggghhh!)
And by the way when you see my dad? (Yeah?)
Tell him that I slit his throat, in this dream I had