This blog can be commented by anyone in the world. After each act / week, students have been asked to evaluate and comment their peers’ work constructively. Comments should be posted within a week of the act. If you cannot find your opponent’s post by the end of the week, you are allowed to comment any other post that you find intriguing.

Comments will be written according to the following criteria:


  • Has the author understood the instructions and completed the task successfully?
  • What do you think about the language and vocabulary – rich and colorful, or simple and not very challenging?
  • Is the structure clear and comprehensible with a beginning, a middle, and an end?
  • Are there any idiomatic expressions?
  • Is there a gist to the story? Do you get the point?
  • Why do you like it / why not? Please point out specific details.
  • How could it be developed further?

Media, appearance and sources

  • Are there links / videos / pictures? What about captions?
  • Are they relevant? Do you like them and why?
  • Has the author considered copyrights and used only pictures that he/she is allowed to use?
  • Has the author provided sources / a proper bibliography?
  • Can you detect any copy-pasting?


  • Can you spot any mistakes and how could they be fixed?
  • Have idioms been used correctly?

The teacher will comment the posts according to the same criteria on a scale of room for improvement / satisfactory / good / very good / excellent.


  1. Jami – Winni
  2. Lassi – Mirja
  3. Joel – Miika
  4. Hanna – Andu
  5. Tuomas – Milla
  6. Iheoma – Elina
  7. Ijaloo – Elias
  8. Lotta – Roosa
  9. Saku – Soili
  10. Kerttu – Pauliina
  11. Cami – Vi

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