Thank you for participating! We had heaps of fun and learned a lot creating this course and working with our students. Please give us honest feedback by commenting here + answer the poll.

  • Which act was your favorite / least favorite and why?
  • What did you learn during the course about yourself as a web student?
  • Which grammar / vocabulary exercises were the best – the ones in the book or the online quizzes / games?
  • What do you think about using videos to learn English?

Best regards,

Anna & Heidi


6 Responses to “Feedback”

  1. Joel Says:

    My favourite tasks were 1 and 2 because movies and music are near to my heart. I’m geek for them!
    Task 4 wasn’t so pleasant because I didn’t like mocking the piece. I kind of liked it. But I get the task’s idea. Maybe the task could making negative criticism about something that you really don’t like, for example some movie or album.

    What I learned about myself? I learned that I’m bit lazy and unproductive at times. But I got everything done by the deadline, even the long-feared speech video.

    Online games and quizzes are good because you get the answer right away.

    Videos are great for learning english. I’ve started watching movies without subtitles. I’m also watching some tv-shows ahead of Finland’s episodes.

    All in all, this was great and I would happily attend another web course.

    Thank you Anna and Heidi!

  2. Soili Says:

    My favorite acts were 1, 2 and 5. I listen to music every day. In fact, I could say I’m addicted to music and so I found act 1 pleasant. I also descried the song quite easily. Act 2 was interesting because I’m a big fan of movies. Only problem was finding a clip which suited for the purpose (Not too long, nor too short, easy to explain, understandable for watchers, not too revealing and so on…) Act 5 was definitely funniest though I was almost frustrated at first. Creating a compelling plot was quite hard but writing itself was intriguing. Act 4, writing critique, was cool because you can’t always write positive texts and how you love everything. Variety is the spice of life!

    And surprise surprise, the speech was my least favorite. It was disagreeable and scary but on the other hand it was nice to try it instead of speaking in front of a live audience (which may be even more horrible 😀 )

    I learned (just like Saku and Kerttu) that I can stay on schedule if I want to. Moreover, the course made me think more about copyrights and sources. I guess I’m a bit more responsible web student now 😀

    I preferred the online quizzes and games to exercises in the book because they were something different than what we’re used to. I think it was more effortless to start clicking and typewrite than use pencil and do normal exercises.

    Videos are fun but also very educative way to learn English. You hear and you see – it’s much more interesting than reading. For some people (including me) it’s easier to remember things from a video than from a book.

  3. Saku Says:

    My favourite acts were 2 and 5, because I like movies, which made act 2 interesting. Act 5, well I liked it because you really could get creative with that one! (And in English!) 😉 It really gave you options even though it was about romance/horror – which are very wide ranged.

    I really didn’t like act 3… Yeah – the speach! I agree with Kerttu about it being scary to put your face not only in the internet but in front of a camera! And then hearing yourself speaking on the camera (which doesn’t sound like you at all!). Ugh – even the memories give me chills!

    During the web course, I found it a bit hard to pick up the book and actually study, so the intros were a good way to start the acts.

    Videos – oh yeah I agree that they are a good way to learn English. People should sometimes just watch something like the Simpsons WITHOUT subtitles – they’d pick up some English (in terms of pronunciation and grammar) and also some idioms 😉

    I learned that I could stay on schedule – IF I wouldn’t have falled out of it because of that horrific speach! =/

    1. Ms Leino Says:

      to speak, a speEch

      You overcame your fear, I’m proud of ya! And trust me, it’s just as scary speaking in front of a live audience and both instances just require a lot of practice and in the end, it can be extremely rewarding. Thanks for blogging with us, Saku!

  4. Kerttu Says:

    My favourite acts were 2,4 and 5 =)I really enjoy watching movies, so that made the act 2 interesting. Act 5 was a bit unusual and you can rarely write a short story of your own in school. I love to write something what just pops up to my mind! In act 4 I knew right away which art-piece to focus on, and I enjoyed bringing my own opinions and thoughts to the text.

    My least favourite was the speech. I was scared to put my face on a video to the internet.

    Watching videos is way more entertaining thatn reading from a boring book :)! But if the video is too long and the topic is dull, it makes me bored too 😛

    I learnt about myself that I can stay in the schedule if I want and I am a pretty quick writer 😀 Specially when I can write something that I’m really into.

  5. Lotta Salmi Says:

    My favourite act were 5 and 1 and 2 because these were fun and writing and music are my specialities, films are not as much as others my specialities. I didn’t like act 6 because it was the weirdest on. (as I said earlier).
    I learn much about myself as a web course student. I learn that I can do it if I want and the points are just points (as Ms. Leino said).
    In my opinion grammar exercises were better in these tests. Vocabulary exercises my favourite were on pages 60-61 these “Working with words”. For me the most useful thing was seeing Ms. Kohi and after that I made much better essays. 🙂
    Videos are very great because in video I can learn how to use idioms etc.
    Thank you, I really liked this cuorse

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